The attorneys here at Collins, Collins & Ray Law Firm are honored to have been selected by many Arkansas organizations to lecture on topics involving DWI law.

Below, you’ll find a selection of presentations delivered by our attorneys to audiences that include fellow attorneys, law enforcement personnel, law students, and other legal professionals across the state. Some of these presentations served as training sessions, while others were informative in nature. Our speaking engagements covered a range of critical subjects, including field tests, breath tests, blood tests, effective defense strategies, and potential procedural challenges associated with DWI, DUI, and DWI Drug arrests.

Please note that this list represents just a glimpse of some of the most highly regarded lectures we’ve had the privilege of presenting.



Everything You Need To Know About DWI
Arkansas Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

Arkansas Judicial Conference for Arkansas Courts

Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association – Austin

Blood, Sweat & Tears
Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

Lawyering Skills at UALR Law School

Cross-examination Techniques in Denver, Colorado

Jury Selection for the Inns of Court

Drug Recognition State Conference for Arkansas Law Enforcement

DWI Drugs, Texarkana Bar Association

Trial Skills Workshop, Ohio Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys

“Don’t trust the Government”
Philadelphia DUI Defense Lawyers Association

DWI and Field-Testing
Presentation at the Arkansas State Police Training Academy

Cross Examining A Police Officer, Arkansas Bar Association

Standardized Field Sobriety Training
Little Rock Police Department

In-Service Training
Fayetteville Police Department on Drug Recognition Experts

DWI Roadblock
Presentation at Racing for Justice XIV, Little Rock Arkansas

DWI Trial Work
Presentation and moderation for CLE at the UALR Bowen School of Law

Cross Examination
Chicago – DUI Defense Lawyers Association

DWI Institute
Presentation sponsored by the Pulaski County at the Verizon Arena

Standardized Field Sobriety Tests Course
Taught with National expert, Tony Corroto

Criminal Post Trial Procedures
Taught at UALR Law School

Betting on Justice XIII
DWI Day in Tunica, MS

DWI Trouble
Presentation to the Arkansas Bar Association

Criminal Jury Trials
From start to finish to various Arkansas criminal defense lawyers for NBI, Inc.

Drug Recognition Experts
Charleston – South Carolina Criminal Defense Lawyers Association

Crime Chronicle Radio Talk Show

DWI Training
State Troopers at the State Police Troop School

DWI Trial Practice
William H. Bowen School of Law Criminal Trial Practice Course

DWI Defense
Arkansas Paralegal Alliance

Blood Draws and Road Blocks
William H. Bowen School of Law for the Fourth Amendment Class

DWI Training
Little Rock Police Academy

Drugs That Impair Driving
Group of Arkansas Defense Lawyers

Drug Recognition Experts (DRE)
Arkansas Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

Topics Related To DWI Law
Law Call Television Show

DWI and Drug Arrests
University of Arkansas-Little Rock Police Department

Advanced DWI Training
Hope Police Department, Texarkana Police Department, Ft Smith Police Department, Magnolia Police Department, Grant County Sheriff’s Office, Bald Knob Police Department, Fayetteville Police Department, Arkansas State Police

DWI Jury Trial Techniques
William H. Bowen School of Law to various Arkansas Criminal Defense Attorneys

Drugs Recognition Expert Training
Group of various law enforcement officers for the Criminal Justice Institute

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