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Have you been arrested with DWI, DUI, DWI Drugs, or Negligent Homicide? The attorneys here at Collins, Collins & Ray Law Firm are devoted to giving you the best defense lawyers can give.

If you’ve been arrested for drunk driving in Arkansas, you probably know that the penalties can be harsh. We’ve earned our reputation as defense attorneys dedicated to providing the best quality representation by our transparent communication, advanced DWI-specific defense training, and by putting you first.




Collins, Collins & Ray Law Firm is comprised of lawyers who will fight for you. In Arkansas, state law prevents prosecutors from reducing or dismissing DWIs. Your only choice is to plead guilty or go to trial. Our attorneys fight DWIs. We do not take cases to plead. We take cases to give you the best opportunity to win.

Arkansas DWI Defense

John C. Collin's is co-author of the widely-distributed and highly-praised Arkansas DWI Defense. This book is the key to crafting and executing a successful DWI defense in the state of Arkansas.

Mr. Collins has poured his years of knowledge and expertise into a book dedicated to navigating the complex Arkansas legal system. Our attorneys want to provide the best legal defense and win your DUI or DWI case with prowess and ferocity.

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